Mass Effect: Andromeda Launches Today

Quick, grab your plasma rifles and tell a blue alien female life form she looks great in spandex! Bioware releases the 4th installment of the Mass Effect series. Welcome Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Mass Effect: Andromeda takes players far beyond the boundaries of the Milky Way into the depths of the Andromeda galaxy. Become the Pathfinder and lead humanity’s search for a new home in this uncharted and unforgiving region of space.
Discover the secrets of a vast galaxy, battle hostile alien threats, build your crew and tap into deep progression and customization systems to make them your own. This is the story of humanity’s next chapter, and your choices throughout the game will ultimately determine our survival and place in the Andromeda Galaxy.
As you unravel the mysteries of Andromeda – with the future of our species resting on your shoulders – you must ask yourself… How far will you go?

Will Mass Effect: Andromeda Live Up To Expectations?

No Shepard for you, mate. Remember what happened on Mass Effect 3? According to Metacritic, early reviews from game critics and writers think Mass Effect: Andromeda is doing fine. However some gamers still reserve concerns about this title being a Dragon Age: Inquisition in space. Although critics gave Inquisition an average 85 rating users weren’t as receptive giving the game a mere 5.8/10. Will Andromeda out perform Inquisition? I wouldn’t get hung up on it, go out find humanity a new home. Purchase on Origin.

That soundtrack, damn.


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