Most Logically Challenging Puzzle Games for Android

Since their initial appearance, smartphones have witnessed a massive rise in popularity. This is mainly due to their compact hardware design and convenient touchscreen functionality, as well as their operative systems. In this regard, Android is one of the most popular OS used nowadays, so it is no surprise that it boosts a massive variety of apps and games for everyone’s taste.

Even though an increasing number of Android users are turning to mobile online casino games as an alternative source of fun and income, others are more interested in enjoying a game of pure logical challenges. Due to the wide and diverse selection, we have attempted to identify some of the most enigmatic and engaging games for these puzzle enthusiasts.

The Room Series
For those who want to get the full immersive experience, there is rarely something as good as the well-known series, The Room. This puzzle game is quite lengthy, as Android users are set to face all kinds of riddles, key items and guidelines from The Craftsman on their way to reach the final objective.

One thing you should know is that The Room series are paid games, but they are well worth your money and time because of the unique gaming experience they provide.

Pull My Tongue
Don’t be fooled by the funny name, this is a game that will eventually require some extreme logical thinking and tactics in order to move to the next level. The basic gameplay is led by Greg, the chameleon, whose tongue you have to pull in order to collect the most stars and help him reach his treat – a piece of popcorn. Many obstacles and complex point patterns are available further into the game levels, meeting expectations of incredulous puzzle fans.

Threes! is a game of logical thinking and numerical puzzle-solving techniques, even though it might look a lot like Sudoku on the surface. The goal of the game is to connect alike numbers on the grid and accumulate points. Bear in mind that you cannot test combinations infinitely – once you fill the whole grid and there are no number combinations left, you lose. You should also know that the game has a free and a paid version you can choose from.

Ghosts of Memories
This puzzle game allows players to enter imaginary and mysterious worlds, each packed with their own set of puzzles along the way. Ghosts of Memories has an attractive and colorful design able to keep you focused on the tasks at hand for hours at a time.

Brain It On
Logical challenge enthusiasts with a thing for physics will get the most thrill out of this puzzle game. It practically requires the player to think outside of the box and come up with a drawn solution of lines and patterns in order to solve each screen. There are multiple accurate outcomes, so individuals (or whole teams) can use their creativity in coming up with a suitable solution and drawing it on the smartphone screen.


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