Karaoke Night with KelpTheGreat, An Interview


I’m singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin’
I’m happy again ….

If that is how singing makes you feel, this interview with KelpTheGreat is a must-read.

wewo: Kelp, this is the first time I didn’t have to chase someone down to get an interview. What’s the big news?

KelpTheGreat: The big news is that our long-running karaoke event has broken free of the constraints of one division, to be brought to eGO as a whole! While being open to the public in the past, the karaoke night has always been advertised and hosted mainly within the TF2 divisional forums and Teamspeak areas. Since it didn’t make any sense to just be advertising in just one division, since it’s something everyone can participate in, we’re changing gears to try to involve more people.

Q: How do you run the Karaoke event?

A: I’ve got a full run-down in the official thread, but I can do the tl;dr version here: We gather in a room in TS and take turns singing songs in our microphones. As event host, I’m the one to contact to be added to the queue of people waiting to sing.

Q: Who are the best and worst singers?

A: Oof, loaded question. I’ll take the safe route and say that everyone is good in their own way, and I can say that with complete honesty.That being said, we do have some attendees who are quite talented, whom everyone looks forward to hearing, but I feel naming any of them would compromise my impartiality as event host. Instead, I’ll simply say: come to the event and hear for yourself! If you wind up finding a few favorite singers, it’s perfectly all right if you ask them to message you when they’re about to sing.

Q: I can’t hold a tune, Am I still invited?

A: Definitely! We try to keep the atmosphere at about the same level you might experience at a karaoke bar or some such. There’s no musical elitism going on here, everyone is welcome to come and belt out anything they want to, and a hearty round of congratulations is always given.

Q: OK, but I may just listen. Now tell me and everyone else when and where?

A: It’s located on our Teamspeak server, ts.edge-gamers.com. We’ll be in the music room near the top of the channel. As for when, the official thread will always be updated with upcoming times. You can also check our event calendar.

Q: If anyone wants more information about Karaoke night where should they go?
A: The official thread is the place to go. Feel free to post any questions in there, or message me on Steam or PM here on the forums if you have a more private question.

Thank you Kelp. BTW, anyone who tries to sing in the rain at the karaoke event does so at their own risk.


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