Karaoke Night is Coming

The stage is set.

The room is prepared.

Mics have been tested.

The lights are set.

The audience awaits in hushed silence.

All that is needed are the singers. Vocalists to grace the ears of the listening audience with the sounds of their voices. Some performers will sing grand songs from musicals, others silly songs from old movies, still others songs from the radio, or perhaps if we are lucky songs they have written themselves. While some singers may be better than others, but all provide fun, joy, and a great night of entertainment. Karaoke Night has been around for years with all varieties of singers and listeners, and been a favorite of all who attend.

Karaoke Where and When

May 12th at 8PM CST come out to the TF2 rooms in TeamSpeak for Karaoke! The more singers we have the longer the event could run. In the past, Karaoke night has run into the wee hours of the morning in the past and hopefully will again in the future. Whether you sing or not, everyone, no matter their ability is welcome. Please note that it is not acceptable to make ANY audible noises while others are singing. Please be considerate of others and turn on push to talk or mute yourself if you feel you cannot be quiet.

Now that we’ve got that out-of-the-way, open up your TeamSpeak and join our new Advisor Emmy and Simon for a night full of good songs, bad songs, funny songs, sad songs, and everything in between! We will be in the TF2 channels ready and waiting for you. We are also celebrating a birthday during this event! Come on out and make the day extra special for someone. Also, remember congratulate our newest Advisor on their promotion and first official event!