June Community Spotlight

It’s a happy summer here at EdgeGamers and we are finally settling into our merger with Prestige Gaming. Today, we bring over another tradition from Prestige Gaming. Every month, the leaders will choose an upstanding member of the community who shows that they are a mature, dedicated, and overall contribution to the community to be highlighted and recognized for all that they do for the community.

For the month of July, @ploooopp will be receiving the Community Spotlight!

Ploooopp has shown that he is deserving of this spotlight due to his great service to the Event Coordinators in the Grand Theft Auto V division. He hosts events that allow everyone to have a great time while being cool and collected. Ploooopp is often seen on the servers ready to help out anyone who has a question and does it with positivity and the desire to assist the player! It is clear that Ploooopp is deserving of this spotlight as he is always ready to help the community move forward and continue to grow.

Please help us congratulate @ploooopp on getting this month’s Community Spotlight!


Joining EGO in May following the Prestige Gaming merge, Sydney has prior Media Team experience. She now contributes to EdgeGamers Media Team with video production and writing. You can find her frequenting the Grand Theft Auto server.