July Community Newsletter

As we enter August and prepare for the beginning of autumn, we look back to July to commemorate all of the work that the community has completed over the past month; from updates of certain servers to leadership changes. We thank you tuning in the July Community News Letter and hope you have a marvelous summer!

Minecraft Kingdoms Announcement 

The Loss of a Friend – Rogue Sniper 

Leadership Promotions 

Nameless Podcast Episode 7

Media Team Award Spotlight 

TF2 Award Spotlight 

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Counter Strike
~Senior Manager CtrlAltDelicious stepped down.
~Larry_Da_Lobster and Hydra were both promoted to AT and EC Manager respectively!
JB: !ghost plugin disabled
~Tasers have been enabled
TTT: More than one 1-Hit knife can be purchased per round
~Dead players can no longer talk
~3 new maps added
~9 new maps
~Knives no longer spawn at the start of each round
~New default map: mg_mikis_multigames2_beta
Bhop: 28 new maps
~New default map: bhop_flow
~Click here for the full changelog!

~Jay was promoted to Manager!
~Brand new server reset: Balanced economy, new chat features, general performance boost, much more!
~The Los Santos Transport Agency (LSTA) is hiring new drivers.
~Click here for the full changelog!

~Kingdoms server… coming soon!
~Interested in becoming a builder for events? Start here.

Team Fortress 2
~Senior Manager Hotdogs stepped down.
~Interested in joining a Specialty Team? Start here.

~Interested in joining Media Team? Click here.

Member Services
~Interested in joining Member Services? Send a PM to any MS Manager to get started! (Must be eG+)

Tech Team
~SmeaR was promoted to Senior Manager!
~Interested in joining Tech Team? Send SmeaR a PM to get started!


Originally an Admin Trainer Advisor for Prestige Gaming, David joined EdgeGamers during the Prestige Gaming merge of May 2018. He currently leads the EdgeGamers Media Team as a Senior Manager.