Most Immersive Mobile Games

Mobile gaming is in a golden age right now with more players than ever downloading more games than ever and one of the benefits is that the industry continues to evolve to keep up with demand. One of the areas that has really advanced over the last couple of years is how players now feel more of a part of the games than ever before. Here is a list of the most immersive mobile games available to download right now.

Pokemon GO

The game of the summer in 2016 not only brought back one of the most iconic gaming franchises ever created but it also took mobile gaming to a whole new level by offering some of the most immersive mobile gameplay ever seen. Developer Niantic took the Nintendo game Pokemon and introduced it in style to the mobile market.

Players are given the opportunity to hunt down their own pokemon in real-life environments using this gaming app and their mobile camera. Finding and capturing a pokemon in your local park, shop, or train station has become a reality. Some critics have commented that this was virtual reality’s first foray into mobile gaming. The game has been downloaded over 500 million times across the world in less than 6 months.

Pokemon GO has revolutionized mobile gaming


Grosvenor Casino – Live Casino App

One industry that has really enjoyed the boom in mobile gaming is the casino industry and Grosvenor Casino have led the way when it comes to delivering a mobile gaming product that appeals to players across the board. This latest app turns the focus on their live dealer casino product that has taken already proved a success on the online casino platform.

Players are able to play a number of classic casino table games with live dealer interaction. If you want immersive mobile action then it does not get much more intense than this. Live dealer versions of baccarat, blackjack, roulette, Texas Hold ’em Poker, and 3 Card Poker ensure there is plenty to keep players hooked on this gaming app. The HD quality video streaming also guarantees that the quality of the live dealer experience is not reduced when transferring from the online to mobile platform. But let’s say you don’t have the strategic skills to compete with the online poker competition but still want to get involved and win real money. Slots, or pokies as they’re known in Australia are the way forward. Online mobile casinos like All Slots Casino are a great platform if you interested in getting started. Not only do they have a app but you can also get exclusive promotions before playing.


Great Big War Game

This game might look and sound like something dreamed up for kids to introduce them to the topic of war but this is actually one of the most underrated games to hit the mobile market in recent years. It was winner of Game Dynamo’s Game of the Year in 2012 and was so popular with players across the various mobile platforms that it spawned a sequel in the form of Great Big War Game 2. This title is a spin-off from its predecessor Great Little War Game.

In this 3D turn-based strategy game, players must navigate through 50 levels in campaign mode where they must defeat an enemy using military might. Developer Rubicon have released a title that holds its own against other more high-profile military strategy games such as Clash of Clans and Mobile Strike. The online multi-player mode proved to be a particular highlight of this game and allowed players to take on rival players from across the globe.

Great Big War Game

The Cave

The minute you see a mobile game that has been developed by the name behind the old-school Monkey Island franchise then it is certainly time to sit up and take note. The Cave is exactly that with developer Double Fine Productions possessing the creative genius and mind power of Monkey Island tsar Ron Gilbert. This is a game that will tap into emotions you never thought mobile gaming could reach.

Players are given the job of assembling their own team of adventurers to descend into a dark and mysterious cave. The aim of the mission is unknown. Each adventurer has their own back story and what they are searching for relates to what their back story tells us. Players must solve puzzles and deal with the challenges that are thrown their way. This game will absorb your time and attention.


The Bard’s Tale

We end this list with a mobile game that has been around for a good number of years but continues to impress players with its immersive game play and story. Before its release many doubted that a game with such an epic nature could be released on the mobile platform but developer inXile Entertainment has proved the critics wrong.

The Bard’s Tale was originally a fantasy role-playing game on a number of platforms released back in 1985. Its popularity sparked three sequels over the following years and also inspired this mobile release. It has a reported 30 hours of game play for players to experience. 50 different types of enemy, a vast world of forests, towns, rivers, and castles to explore, and over 16 magical characters to encounter makes this one of the most immersive mobile games to ever be released.