Happy Thanksgiving 2018


Days like today, Thanksgiving 2018, give us the opportunity to give thanks in many forms and fashion. Everyone has their ways of showing appreciation. Some spend it with family and friends over dinner. Some spend it with their television and the National Football League. Others may spend it bashing the keyboard gaming with their extended family. However your day is spent enjoy it. Reflect and look forward to the things you are sincerely appreciative of.

Over the course of the last year EdgeGamers has certainly changed in many aspects. We’ve brought in an extremely talented band of Leaders, Admins and Members that dedicate their time and contribute towards our continued success. We continue to surge in the gaming world on the mission to provide the best place to game across many games.

  • Forum activity & registration exceeds 80,000 with now 86,249 registrations.
  • Five games with Top 50 servers. Three of which are Top 10 in the world.
  • 3,923 registered MAUL Admins routinely maintaining the balance of our servers.
  • 41 Managers leading and exceeding expectations across the board.
  • 11 Community Management team members driving results.

EdgeGamers Organization is a unique community unlike any other on the net. It is because of the passion of the people behind it driving the community to feel like a family. This is what I am thankful for. Thank you all for doing what you do. I hope everyone has a spectacular Thanksgiving however you may celebrate.


Happy Thanksgiving.


Chief Executive Officer