Grand Theft Auto Server Reset

The long awaited server reset is among us! The GTA Leadership is pleased to announce that the reset is on schedule for this weekend, Dec. 7-9th. We are shooting for the 7th but as a precaution due to potential technical issues, we are including the rest of the weekend. In addition, the GTA server may experience downtime this weekend in order to prepare for the reset.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our server testing the last several days, bringing critical feedback that will help prepare the server to be ready for play when it goes live.

Some of the new features include:

  • A variety of 40+ new civ cars, including motorcycles, that are available for purchase.
  • New ELS plugin (and Non-ELS vehicles) that no longer will bring the infamous resource warning.
  • You can now be put in the prison with some walking room, in addition to the regular cells.
  • A variety of new foods purchasable from stores!
  • Garages have now been moved around to take some pressure off of Legion Square.
  • New properties added.
  • Speed cameras added throughout the city.
  • New police AI pull over script for our law enforcement (and AI interaction menu).
  • New handheld radar gun.
  • Christmas Spirit!

As always, the GTA Leadership team will bring you the latest on the update via the forums and Discord.


Noah (RipplyTiger151), joined EGO in the Battlefield Division in 2014. He would later join the Personnel Service Center and become an Advisor for RC and Training then later working up the ranks to Community Manager for GTA. He currently is the Community Manager for Member Services (formerly PSC) and contributes to the homepage.