Ghost Strike – August 26, 2019

Calling CS:GO players! Join us Monday, August 26 for our next event, Ghost Strike.

  • Event Date: August 26, 2019
  • Event Time (ET): 7:00 PM
  • Event Server IP:

Ghost Strike offers a new sense of positioning and stealth in CS:GO. Both Ts and CTs are invisible during round start. CTs are unable to shoot Ts but CTs get the stealth advantage with only their steps muted. When the bomb is randomly given to a T and planted, everyone is visible and chaos unfolds. Winners get bragging rights!

TinyMuffinLord will be coordinating this event. Please forward any questions you may have to them. We will see you there!


Originally an Admin Trainer Advisor for Prestige Gaming, David joined EdgeGamers during the Prestige Gaming merge of May 2018. He currently leads the EdgeGamers Media Team as a Senior Manager.