GameStop Expo 2016 Recap

GameStop Expo 2016 was like being sucked into some sort of time vortex. Eight hours seemed like eight minutes. As I exited the Anaheim Center that night I was exhausted and enlightened… and wondering where those eight hours went.

The most memorable experience was the EA booth playing Battlefield 1. The line to play was long but well worth the wait. Imagine playing on a monitor with crystal clear graphics with a top of the line gaming rig. It was amazing. Battlefield 1 will be the defining game of the Christmas season in 2016. Shout out to Tasty Donut and some of the other EA reps for giving us a better look at the game.

Virtual Reality was a hot topic at the expo. Valve & HTC offered up its World War II experience providing the best VR experience of all. The future of gaming is here and Virtual Reality seems to have publishers very interested and engaged.

BenQ’s powerful Zowie gaming line on clear display bringing the best gaming monitors. Zowie peripherals also built with gamers and esports in mind were available to test drive. All future gaming and esports releases from BenQ will be branded under the Zowie name as part of the company acquisition.

We had the opportunity to catch up with former sponsors TurtleBeach and CyberPowerPC while exploring the expo hall. With many different peripheral companies on hand the competition was evident. TurtleBeach showing their brand new lineup of headsets featuring their Elite Pro Tournament Headset targeted towards professional gamers hitting the esports scene. CyberPowerPC featured a Virtual Reality experience alongside their rocking PC rigs.

Not to be confused with CyberPowerPC, we had the opportunity to talk with CyberPower who are kings of battery backup and surge protection. Their representatives were extremely informative and personal, probably the best of the expo. Honest, reliable, and safe are three qualities you can get behind after seeing their products and talking to their staff.

Peripherals everywhere, it is tough to pick a clear winner of the day. Kingston’s HyperX was showing off their new console headset, but they had plenty of PC options on display. Highlight of the HyperX booth is their new CloudX Revolver for Gears of War 4. AstroGaming was also present showing their high end headsets.

LucidSound, newcomer to the market really put on a good show. The ownership/management team has a long history in gaming headsets and are poised to make some serious “noise” in the market. Chris, the founder of TRITTON headsets, has built a great team and a similarly great product under the LucidSound brand. I already checked them out on Amazon.

We saved our favorites for last. Blue Microphone and the GAEMS TRUCK TOUR were our favorite booths from the GameStop Expo. Blue Microphone had the sick gaming setup built for streamers in mind. Obviously showcasing a Blue Microphone, their gaming setup was legit. Office remodel to resemble the Blue Booth is already underway. The GAEMS Ford F150 4×4 made the coolest prop for their rugged gaming gear. Their new Rail System – Satellite Stand was designed off the stock of a M-16. Totally, completely freaking cool!

One last shout out to our friends at MadCatz and Hori. Both of them had great peripherals focused on Console gaming, but they also showed some cool PC gear. Having the chance to try out the Hori Edge Mouse it is now being added to the Christmas 2016 shopping list! @KAZ, thanks for the tip on the restaurant.

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