Game Review: Space Engineers

Do you have an interest engineering, construction, exploration, and/or survival? If so, then Space Engineers can promise exactly that.

What is Space Engineers?
Released in 2013 by Developer and Publisher Keen Software House, Space Engineers features a realistic, volumetric-based physics engine. Everything in the game can be assembled, disassembled, created or destroyed, and the game overall is inspired by reality, and how the real-world works.

How do I play?
There is a huge selection of tutorials that you can find online, as well as an official playlist by the developers themselves, that can be found at the link listed here

Play how you like!
There are two different game modes that are featured in this game; Survival and Creative.
Survival focuses on a realistic management of resources and inventory capacity, as well as manual building.
Creative has the opportunity to let the user get creative as they want, with instant building, unlimited resources, and no possible ways of death.

Along with those two game modes, are also the choice between Single-Player, and Multiplayer!
(Note: Multiplayer is currently in Alpha, so expect constant updates)

World Generation
There are many ways of generating your worlds, so you can always have a fresh experience when you play Space Engineers. Some of these generation types include: Earth Easy Start, Mars Easy Start, Alien Easy Start, Moon Easy Start, Lone Survivor, Asteroids, an Empty World perfect for creative, along with so much more!

And more!
And that’s not all!
There is so much more you can do in the world of Space Engineers, and there are plenty of mechanics that were not listed, such as: Space stations, First-person and Third-person, Planetary bases, outposts, and even cities!, Dedicated servers, Super-large worlds, Procedural asteroids, Exploration, Harvested, Deformable objects; overall, there is just so much to see!





Genre Action, Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Players Single-player & Multiplayer
Platforms Windows
Release Date Oct 23, 2013
Developer Keen Software House
Publisher Keen Software House
Languages 16 (English, German, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Polish, French, Italian, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Portuguese-Brazil, Swedish, Russian, Simplified Chinese)


















87% of 48,471 reviews are positive
Rock Paper Shotgun “Space Engineers makes welding, joining and glazing seem like the best jobs in the world. It looks superb”
PCGamesN “Buy, unless you are bereft of even the slightest shed of creativity”
IGN “Space Engineers generates its own unique brand of fun, whether you’re more interested in constructing things or blasting them to bits”


Perpetuum MOB 2013 Awards “Most Unusual Online Game”
4th Best Indie Game of 2013
Best Indie Game of 2015





Review: Arbiter: I’ve played this game on and off since it came out, and it’s just way too much fun. The amount of fun creating a spaceship made out of plastic, then slamming it into other ships is just awesome. This game is fun solo but is way better with friends. I can easily recommend this, and it’s a great price too for the amount of content. There’s a bit of a learning curve but it’s not too bad. 7.5/10


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