Game Review: House Flipper

There is a large variety of simulator games on the PC, but not many go as far as House Flipper does. Take matters into your own hands, and get creative with the way you take old homes, and make them the best they have ever been.

What is this game?

House Flipper is based on multiple TV shows which are based on…you guessed it, flipping houses! You are a one-man renovation crew, whose goal is to buy, renovate, and sell the house, in order to make a profit. You have many tools at your disposal, so make sure you use them all! From fixing showers, to installing radiators, there is so much to do!

Why is this game so fun? 

House Flipper gives the player the sense of what it feels to, well, flip houses! This game opens up so many possibilities of how hard and how fun flipping houses is, from fixing leaky radiators to changing tiling in bathrooms or kitchens, it’s a fun experience to say the least. House Flipper has all the basic functions of an amazing house building simulator. Personally, I think the decorating feature in the game is the BEST because you can get really in-depth of how you want a house to look.

My second favorite thing about the game is the fact that they are still updating the game with new things to put in your home, it lets the players know that the developer isn’t abandoning the game at any point. Not abandoning the game means more bug fixes and less problems with the game and most importantly more things introduced into the game!

Play the way you want.

Do you have a special interest in interior design? Then buy an apartment and furnish it!
Do you want to be an engineer? Then you can focus on repairs and installations!

And more!

The game doesn’t stop at only refurbishing houses; there is a whole progression system involved as well! Upgrade your tools or your mechanisms so you can make even more of a profit then ever before. The longer you play, the more you’ll have to build with.


Very Casual Gameplay
Good amounts of customization
Great Replayability
Extremely unique compared to other games on steam

Beefy computer needed for high graphical settings
Could be more items added to interior design menu
Limited amount of orders







Genre: Simulation
Players: Single-Player
Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux
Release Date: May 17th, 2018
Developer: Empyrean
Publisher: PlayWay S.A., Frozen District
Languages: 18 (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Turkish, Hungarian, Brazilian, Ukrainian, Greek, Portuguese)





















Metacritic: N/A
Metascore: 68
User Score: 8.5/10 (85)
Gamespot: 7.5/10 (75)

76% of 4194 reviews are positive.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun (Greenlight) “Looks Ace”
One Angry Gamer (Greenlight) “Hidden on Steam”
The Escapist (Greenlight) “It’s like The Sims, Viscera Cleanup Detail and Championship Manager all rolled into one”














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