Fresh Start for Minecraft

In January our Minecraft tech team made the switch to sponge and we got the world of Kappa. Kappa was a fun, if small map. Many people came and built some great structures all across its terrain.

However, as with all new things, Kappa had its issues. Many a rain soaked night was had, and it felt like you were always discovering you had a new, very close neighbor. So as the rain fell our amazing team set out to create a fresh new world, with space for all and dry nights as well.

It is with great excitement that the Minecraft leadership welcomes you to the new world of Lamda!

minecraft server reset

A new world created and ready for players to come and build. It has new areas to explore and villages to claim. Lamda also has all types of biomes for every type of player. The world border is larger for more expansion, and many of the bugs from Kappa have been fixed. The leadership and tech team are also working hard on getting some additional game modes, such as Skyblock and Creative, ready for you soon. So come out and play on Lamda! The IP is