If you visit our YouTube channel (and since you are already there, why not like some of our videos, subscribe to the channel and click the nice little bell) you will see we have a series of videos named Frag of the Day, where EdgeGamers members submit their frags for the right to brag and to show the world how good they are.

Submit your frags

Here in EdgeGamers we are starting 2018 launching the Frag of the Day series once again! So it is time you start recording your best game play footage and submit it at this Dropbox address:

Just click the link, upload your video and as the name of the file give us your Forum Name and the date of the event. We will try to submit as many Frags as possible every week! You can submit funny frags, fails or whatever you want us to review. We will hold contests for great prizes soon!

Frags should be submitted in any video format. If you are unable to convert a Source game’s demo yourself, you may upload that instead but your video may not be highly prioritized. If you have any questions, feel free to go to the Dropbox or ask SigmaMX.


SigmaMX (AKA SigmaTaurus) joined eGO on 2009, starting on the CS:S Division, later on contributing on the Media Division with Streaming, Articles, News and the Frag of the Day. Appointed Media Advisor, he supervises the Social Networks and keeps public projects running.