Five Reasons To Pre-Order Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 BackgroundAfter the reveal of Battlefield 1 during EA Play, the latest addition to the Battlefield franchise has quickly become the most well received and hyped game of 2016. While some are hesitant to jump onto the bandwagon right away, many new and veteran Battlefield fans have pre-ordered the game with wide arms. Though some still have reservations and concerns, most players are eager to pre-order the game. Thus arises the question, why are players so eager to pre-order Battlefield 1?

Five Reasons To Pre-Order Battlefield 1

1.) First ‘AAA’ Title Set In World War I
One of the most prominent reasons I have seen for pre-ordering Battlefield 1 is the unique setting in which we find the game placed in. While there are a number of World War I titles already on the market, this is the first title to have been produced by a major video game developer.

2.) Stunning Graphics
In the gameplay demonstration and the reveal trailers, the game has been shown to have remarkable graphics, rivaling those seen in Battlefront. From various reports, the attention to detail from the dense fog, to the burning sun, even to the little drops of water on your rifle have been rendered beautifully.

3.) Early Access
Pre-Ordering the game will grant you three days of early access before the game’s full launch on October 21st. This gives you a slight edge and freedom over those who have to wait for the full release.

4.) Community
Many of those who voiced their opinions have said that they pre-ordered Battlefield 1 because they know that they will get hours of enjoyment from playing with their friends and community. Those of us who belong in a community of gamers or any community in general can attest to this as playing alone isn’t always fun. Raging and laughing at each other’s antics and mistakes is part of what makes gaming fun and enjoyable for players.

5.) Veterans
Even with DICE’s previous track record of less than perfect releases, long time Battlefield fans have said they will pre-order the game regardless of what the outcome is.

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