February and March Community Newsletter


Now that the freezing month of love has come and gone; March comes to us, not only with the warm embrace of spring, but also the exhilarating feeling of coming last in your March Madness pool. But alas, it is still important to remember the events the past month, and we at EdgeGamers do this through our Community Newsletters. So why don’t you click around this newsletter and look through the awesome changes that have happened in the month of February 2019.

A quick update.

Apex Legends received a Game Spotlight.

Congrats to these members on their promotions.

Thank you to those who contributed financially in the month of January.

Did you miss last month’s Newsletter?

~ Giving dedicated supporters the ability to extend map times on minigames, B-Hop, and Surf
~ Jailbreak is getting a spectator menu.. maybe minigames
~ Mostly adding maps, editing maps, and upcoming fixing of b-hop and surf
~ Reduced crashing of servers
~ Jailbreak: Added Big MT, Moonjail, Shapeshifter, Fentex 
~ TTT: Fixing TTT when people run through each other (Model Glitch), 69th way was removed, Stadium was added
~ Minigames: Added Ralfie Zetzui, Weapon Case, Scout Skyland, Ice World 

~ Updating drug locations
~ Upcoming: Home burglaries
~ Chop Shop was released

~ Added silktouch spawners to skyblock
~ Aquatic Mineworld was reset
~ Looking for suggestions for new server ideas

Team Fortress 2:
~ Blackmesa Sunday (Every Sunday)
~ TF2 is looking to recruit new members

~ We are always looking for new members to help the team out! Learn more here.


April, a month of rain, a month of bunnies, but most importantly – the heart of spring. During the month of March, we have all risen to great heights as individuals and together as a community. Instead of planning how to catch the Easter bunny this year, take a couple of minutes to read over the March Community Newsletter, and re-live some of the great memories you’ve made during March 2019.

Check some community highlights from the popular battle royale game Apex Legends.

We had an important community meeting on March 23rd.

Missed the March meeting? Here’s the recording.

Say congrats to Inkery on their promotion to Manager in GTA!

Check out our new Minecraft Stoneblock 2.0 Server.

Another episode of Meet the Leadership was released featuring the one and only Arbiter.

The vote for April community spotlight began.

-Shut down TTT
-Opened a Prop Hunt server
-Michael Bolton will be giving away prizes to members that recruit new Garry’s Mod members

-Surf and Bhop were updated, and now rankings on servers are fixed
-The event server is back up and will have events in the month of April

-Looking into the idea of getting reserve servers in the future

-Added a new gamemode called Stoneblock 2
-Servers being worked on to fix bugs for events
-Make sure to vote for the EGO servers on voting sites

-Inkery was promoted to Manager
-New drugs and new locations
-Body repair kits are now available for purchase
-New events in April: Laser Tag, Car Tag, and Red Rover
-Selling items to locals (legal/illegal)
-Parachutes added to weapons shop
-New vehicles added to the vehicle shop


Originally an Admin Trainer Advisor for Prestige Gaming, David joined EdgeGamers during the Prestige Gaming merge of May 2018. He currently leads the EdgeGamers Media Team as a Senior Manager.