Endless Space 2 Hits Shelves in May 2017 

The hotly anticipated 4X game Endless Space 2 is scheduled for full release this month. Fans of the series will be pleased to see it return in its final form – though the game has been available on Steam’s early access platform for several months, so gamers have some idea of what to expect. The truly exciting news from Sega is that since March, Endless Space 2 has supported multiplayer gaming – and the feature is staying in the full release. We took a look at what the new title will offer, and why 4X games are sure to be a top trend this year.

What is 4X gaming?

Any game concerned with the ‘four Xs’ – ‘eXplore’, ‘eXpand’, ‘eXploit’ and ‘eXterminate’ – can describe itself as a ‘4X’ game. The term usually relates to empire-building strategy games, particularly those which follow a turn-taking style of play. This 4x genre is not exactly new – it has appeared in board games and in role-playing games for many years.

However, it has only recently made the jump to mainstream computer gaming, perhaps due to the slower, steadier way that games are played. While there have been a handful of notable successes, including the cult classic Civilization, it is only recently that 4X has really started to come to the front of the pack. The upcoming Endless Space 2 is a great example of how next-gen 4X titles will look, and we are excited to see the full launch.

What is Endless Space 2?

Science fiction title Endless Space 2 is the follow-up to 2012’s Endless Space, and it stays true to the original in terms of game play and style. However, the graphics have been given a series overhaul, and the game now supports a range of extra features – including an eight-person multiplayer mode for team battles and head-to-head contests. Players aim to build up their chosen civilization according to one or more of the following metrics; Economic, Diplomatic, Expansionary and Supremacy.

Players take turns in much the same way as a card game plays out, though there is some flexibility between turns and live play can be halted during building and expansion modes. There are also quests to follow and challenges to complete. The game map is randomly generated, and players battle to build up their own settlements as well as colonizing other regions. The Endless Space sequel introduces new factions and abilities, as well as speeding up game play to reduce the more tedious administrative elements, instead increasing the options for combat and engagement.

Early access builds hype for release

Endless Space 2 is a Sega title which was developed by Amplitude Studios – a brand well-known for their approach to live game development. This is why the game has been available on Steam since October 6th 2016, via the gaming site’s Early Access beta testing portal. “Early Access is integral to our development process, we have used it for all our games so far and we would not make a game otherwise,” said Amplitude’s spokesperson in a press statement. “We need passionate strategy players to bring that game to perfection.”

While many gamers have snapped up the beta title already and are happy with the game so far, others have reported holding back for a full release, so they can savor all the new features and enjoy the final, polished version. The full title will also add a few extras for fans of the series, and any bugs and glitches should be totally ironed out. Adding multiplayer has certainly improved the title’s chances of being a major success, as long as the reported problems with lagging and disconnection are fixed by the time it is rolled out fully.

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Other top PC titles launching in May 2017

Endless Space 2 is not the only PC game coming this month: a whole wave of top titles is due to launch in the next few weeks. Look out for Get Even, Rime and Friday the 13th: The Game which is all due to be released on May 26th. You might want to consider picking up a virtual reality headset as well, if you do not already own one. The game of the month has to be the upcoming Star Trek: Bridge Crew, due to land on May 30th. Designed for use with Oculus, Vive and the PlayStation VR, this new Star Wars game looks stunning and makes great use of local multiplayer features.