eGO’s New Garry’s Mod Division


It has a long time coming. Ever since its inception, eGO’s members have been wanting leadership to support this game with an official eGO server. For the longest time, technical and logistical issues have prevented leadership from granting these wishes. The creation of a dedicated Tech Team last year as well as high-profile sponsors alleviated most of the concerns that the Directors and Community managers had. Thus, the Directors and Community Members gave the green light for the first eGO Garry’s Mod server in mid-April, 2014. The Trouble in Terrorist Town server was a huge success, convincing Operation:X to add a Prop Hunt server in February of this year.

After seeing how successful the servers have become, the Directors and Op:X Leadership agreed it was time to graduate. Garry’s Mod will become eGO’s newest Division. On May 9, 2015, during the Clan-Wide meeting, the Division was officially launched. Be sure to visit the new Division forum here and give this new Division a round of applause.

The Leadership Members that will head the division are:

Community Manager
DigitalDJ (as well as Op:X)

Division Leader (Temporary)

Michael Bolton

If you have any questions, send one of these guys a private message.

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