EGO ALERT: Forum Upgrade

On Monday, January 2nd at approximately 10:15 PST the Tech Team has started the forum upgrade . This downtime will be used to upgrade the forums’ current software from VBulletin 3 to VBulletin 4. Due to the size of our forums this is a very strenuous and time consuming process, with that we cannot give an ETA at this time. I will continue to update this post as information becomes available.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience this may cause and will try our best to get the forums up as soon as we can.

-EGO Tech Team

Update 1 (7:55 AM PST) – The upgrade script was started at around 4 AM PST. ETA for the forums is around 2-6PM PST.

Update 2 (10:43 AM PST) – The upgrade is going faster than expected. The database upgrade is nearing completion. ETA remains the same for now

Update 3 (2:49 PM PST) – The database upgrade has been completed, we are now working on updating plugins and fixing the backend and various frontend issues. ETA 5-8 PM.

Update 4 (7:13 PM PST) – We’ve run into some unforseen difficulties with various backend things. ETA has been delayed and is now 8-10 PM PST. We’re sorry for the downtime and hope to get it up soon.