EGO Accepted into PUBG Community CGA Program

EdgeGamers has been accepted into the PUBG Community CGA Program. This will allow us to create custom game content specifically for our community for a trail 30 day period.

It’s important that all interested members join our custom game as often as possible during the trial. When a game is running you’ll see the EdgeGamers player name in our PUBG TeamSpeak 3 channel. Please post links to any recordings of the gameplay, along with screenshots and general feedback and bugs in our PUBG forum. We’ll get that info to the folks at PUBG with the hopes that we can prove our community’s value and continue past the 30 day trial.

The rules for running tournaments are strict, but we hope to get the authority to do so and give away cash prizes. This is an important step in our recent launch of support for this exciting game.

Thanks goes out to CrossCheck for making the CM team aware of this opportunity and accepting the Advisor position for PUBG.

We also welcome KILLERCANKILL back to leadership, taking the reigns as DL. It’ll be great having him around again.


Noah (RipplyTiger151), joined EGO in the Battlefield Division in 2014. He would later join the Personnel Service Center and become an Advisor for RC and Training then later working up the ranks to Community Manager for GTA. He currently is the Community Manager for Member Services (formerly PSC) and contributes to the homepage.