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Exploration, Building, and Open World Sandboxes have been a trending topic since late 2014.

Several examples can be mentioned that are a worthy game to invest a few hundred hours in. From 8-bit classics like Terraria or Starbound, to complex Beta’s such as The Forest or Zombie Survivals, H1Z1, and DayZ.

But on January 8, 2015 a group of Indie developers, BitMonster Inc. released a new Sandbox on grounds hardly explored: Space conquest and planetary discovery.

As many Open Worlds Base Builders, your main objective is to gather resources, build a home/base/joint to crash in and respawn, get equipment and upgrades, and fight ugly stuff. GRAV provides all that, including awesome space age vehicles, fast-ish combats and many hours to gather the same resources until your finger clicks the mouse by itself.

One thing that is really attractive about this game is that you can explore an endless system of planets and moons, each with different atmospheres and climates, that will require an effort from you to actually settle there and start gathering materials. Sadly the creatures at each system are very much alike and that becomes dull after a few hours.

You get your gear via blueprints, which right now are only dropped by mobs (everything that can be slain drops items) and found on chests, which require you to be at a certain level in order to collect.

With all that said, GRAV is a title that has its flaws, but at the same time offers incredible graphics and promising gameplay.

GameReviews Unwrap

Genre: Sci-Fi
Game Genre: RPG, Base Builder, Open World, Sandbox
Game Experience: Single, Multiplayer and Co-op
Platform: PC, Available on Steam
Year: 2015
Developer: BitMonster Inc. (Lili: Child of Geos – 2014)
Overview: Too Beta for my taste.

Don’t get me wrong, I love when Sci-Fi and Open Worlds have babies (No Man’s Sky is about to become a reality. Aw Yeah!), but as I said before GRAV has some flaws right now.

We are very aware of the risks of buying an Early Access Game (which really means play chunks of something that one day will be an enjoyable game) and even though the game is only 10 USD away from you, I would strongly recommend you check some Twitches or game reviews from people more immersed in the game than me before purchasing it.

GameReviews Pros

  • Incredibly well made graphics
  • Endless worlds on dynamic environments
  • Servers are well maintained and hardly crash
  • PVP and PVE for your “I don’t want to die all the time” needs
  • Usage of melee weapons and guns make the combat system sometimes varied and entertaining
  • Bosses and underlings are hardcore to kill
  • Vehicles and ships are attainable at reasonable points of your progress

GameReviews Cons

  • The game is just unpolished & unfinished. It’s in Beta.
  • Dungeons are all very similar and the Boss fights are pretty much the same: Run in circles and hit the bastard until it dies, then loot, wait a few hours and repeat.
  • The game is RPG level based. As you gain levels you get access to equipment which lets you do more damage and sustain more damage yourself. In a PVP open world this is discouraging. You may have a level 10 player with a Wooden Sword (for real the first weapons are clubs and wooden swords) facing a level 50 pilot with several plasma weapons that will definitely kill the lowbie with a single shot. As much of a crack you are with your gear, you are no match and after you die. On death you will drop A LOT OF RESOURCES. This sucks when it took you two hours to gather them just to lose them to a person more advanced in-game.

I do love PVP servers – when they are balanced. GRAV Devs are supposedly working on this problem; we will have to wait and see what they come up with.
GameReviews Overall

Metacritic: Not available yet
Steam: Mostly Positive (with almost 2,000 reviews)
GameSpot: Not available yet

GameRviews Sigmas Score

6.5/10 – Which can be translated to:

Seriously, the game is too damn beta right now, and considering its current development, it may be a while before I would recommend it. I’d rather recommend other Sandboxes, but that will be material for upcoming reviews.

If you want to check our GRAV yourself, it is available under Early Access on Steam.


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