Dedicated Supporter Update

As the merge between EdgeGamers and Prestige Gaming comes closer to full completetion, we are slowly bringing over new components to enhance everyone’s experience during the transition. The next step in the merging process is providing the perks which come along with being a Dedicated Supporter in EdgeGamers onto the Prestige Gaming servers. As of now, we are excited to announce that these perks have become available on Prestige Gaming servers to all Dedicated Supporters!

Some new features include being able to use colored text chat in the CS:GO and TF2 servers as well as being able to equip masks and hats in the CS:GO servers. Additionally, Dedicated Supporter also has some unique perks in Source Game Servers such as the ability to have a custom joining message, in-game recognition, and end-of-round invulnerability just to name a few.

As for other servers not on Source Games, Dedicated Supporters will continue to have unique perks such as having access to custom commands on the Minecraft Server, auto-balance immunity on our Battlefield Servers, and even a custom title on the Forums.

If you are interested in becoming a Dedicated Supporter, feel free to visit the Donation Page for a complete list of Dedicated Supporter perks and steps on how to become one.


Joining EGO in May following the Prestige Gaming merge, Sydney has prior Media Team experience. She now contributes to EdgeGamers Media Team with video production and writing. You can find her frequenting the Grand Theft Auto server.