CS:GO Server Updates

Tech Team has provided our CS:GO servers with many new updates! A full change log can be found below:

General / All Servers

[NEW] “sm_players” has been added as a replacement to the occassionally broken “status” console command.
[FIX] Added cookies to save settings after map changes.
[FIX] On Bunny Hop, Surf, and Minigames all clients are now properly forced into all-talk.


[NEW] There are now more options for freedays!
[NEW] Your chances for warden go up when you’re not selected.
[NEW] First warden is given armor and hp
[NEW] “sm_st” has been added to allow for easier use of ST.
[NEW] On Jailbreak, in progress votes now display their current status to clients in the hint box.
[UPD] Jb_bravofinal has been updated to remove high SV spikes.
[UPD] Freedays are now 4 minutes and have allow those to respawn until the last 30 seconds.
[UPD] On Jailbreak, map time limits have been increased from 35 to 40 minutes.
[FIX] Disable pointer when warden is removed.
[FIX] Exojump is removed when picking LR
[FIX] Last CT no longer removes map vote panel.
[FIX] Prevent the loss of credits when attempting to create a gang that already exists.
[FIX] Noscope day has been fixed to prevent losing your weapon.
[FIX] Last CT ends round immediately

Trouble In Terrorist Town (TTT)

[UPD] C4 Price Updated: 2250 –> 2000
Jihad Price Updated: 2000 –> 1750
[UPD] Jihad is now ready to be used right after purchase!
[FIX] TTT has been updated to fix props from crashing the server.


[UPD] New Deathrun files have been added.
[FIX] The bots have been removed in Minigames.


[UPD] Surf Island has been removed.
[UPD] Maps can now be extended by vote in Surf.
[UPD] Map times have been decreased for Surf.

Bunny Hop (BHOP)

[UPD] RTV needed votes is now at 40% instead of 60%


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