CSGO – Jailbreak VS Trouble In Terror Town

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There have been a lot of great CSGO matches throughout the years. Game 2 of the Dreamhack Semi-Finals where EnvyUs bested G2 ESports. Game 3 of Katowice 2015 where Fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas go after each other in a back and forth action. I really want to be able to say that the TTT vs. JB scrimmage was as competitive. It wasn’t. The TTT admins defeated the JB admins by 2-0 but this doesn’t mean the scrimmage itself wasn’t entertaining.

I was thoroughly impressed by JB’s Sully. He played exceptionally well. Did the right plays, had the right positioning and most impressively, his aim was impeccable. Sully was a one man army in this scrimmage and he was definitely the MVP of the JB team. Truth be told, I wanted Sully to pull off some Deadpool moves; where he takes on an entire team and takes them down by himself. There were times where this was about to happen. I expect these Deadpool moves in the next scrimmage Sully.

Speaking of the Deadpool highlight reel, the walking highlight reel in this scrimmage was DeaG. From quick scopes, no scopes, falling awp shots– the man was entertaining to watch. I thought the awp-play was impressive until he started using a deagle. I quickly learned why his in-game name is “DeaG.” Every shot from his deagle hit its mark. No matter how small the target, how far the target, the bullet hit its mark. It didn’t matter where the opposing team was. Behind a crate, behind a wall, DeaG hit his mark. Peeking against DeaG means taking a risk of getting a headshot from his “one-deag.”

The TTT admins showed their superiority in this scrimmage but with every great team, there’s going to be a better one. How soon are we going to see this better team? Personally, I hope we see it soon.

See the highlight reel below:


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