CSGO: Danger Zone

CS:GO Danger Zone is here! Valve recently announced their take on the Battle Royale genre of games. Danger Zone is a new game mode, complete with it’s own matchmaking, for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It’s smaller and faster paced than most other Battle Royale games currently released. Matchmaking currently has separate queues for Solo, Duo and Trio, and with a max of 18 Players plus a small map rounds end fairly quick. For more information on the new game-mode, see the official page on the Counter-Strike website: here

Along with this update, CS:GO is now Free To Play! Players that owned CS:GO and played previous to this update have received Prime status and a commemorative Loyalty Badge. Free players can still earn Prime by reaching Rank 21 and adding a phone number or by purchasing the Prime Status upgrade from the CS:GO store page on Steam.

In the official FAQ, Valve has stated that “Free To Play users have access to all game modes, matchmaking, and a limited set of item drops and weapon cases.”

There’s no better time to get your friends onto our CS:GO servers. Even if you’ve never played CS:GO we’d love to have you join our other players, just make sure to read the server rules. A list of our servers can be found here. Have fun!

For more information about CS:GO going Free To Play, check out the FAQ on the Steam support website: here


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