Counter-Strike Jail Server Boss

We all know that the Advisors and Division Leaders are the head, hands and feet of each Division inside eGO, but the high command decided it was time to assign special levels of responsibilities to members with a certain set of skills and that’s how the Server Boss initiative was created at Counter-Strike. Initially for the Jail Server, specially since a while back it has struggled to keep up a good ranking worldwide and for a server to be included in the budget, a certain level of success needs to be accomplished, the Server Boss assigns a member who will become the bridge of communication and innovation between members, pubs and the command. The Server Boss is not part of the Leadership as if, but his opinion becomes relevant over some other points of view when it comes to making decisions regarding the server the Boss is supervising.

Introducing A New Jail Server Boss

This occasion Nick! is the Server Boss for the Jail Server and he is getting people involved inside and outside the CS Division to improve Jail’s numbers, by holding weekly chats with members and pubs if those are interested. Jail server is as old as the CS Division (even back in the day when it was CS:S Division) and therefore there are hundreds (if not thousands, most likely) of veterans out there who enjoy playing Jail at eGO’s server. Although Nick! is not the first server boss, the initiative still shows promise.

One of the things that we could see in the near future is a restructure of which maps stay and which will be sent to the showers. Nick! did not want to comment on the matter, because he feels that decision falls only on the Leadership, although he’d like to see some maps gone. Only natural in every server’s lifespan.

Jail server is, as many times discussed, not for everyone. Some people love it, some actually despise it, but in the end it keeps being one of the most famous servers hosted by EdgeGamers and as complex as it is, it is believed it needs special requirements and a particular level of attention. We hope to see great improvements while Nick! is the Boss around town.

Show your support and play Jail whenever possible. It really helps to get people from eGO to join and contribute even for a fraction of time.


SigmaMX (AKA SigmaTaurus) joined eGO on 2009, starting on the CS:S Division, later on contributing on the Media Division with Streaming, Articles, News and the Frag of the Day. Appointed Media Advisor, he supervises the Social Networks and keeps public projects running.