Congratulations Leadership Award Recipients


We have an amazing support team in our Advisors and Division Leaders at EdgeGamers Organization. They dedicate and volunteer their time to ensure the success of our community. The Community Managers want to sent a thank you to a few specific members of our team for going above and beyond what is expected of them.

Thank you for contributing to our success and molding our community into what it is today.

Medal of Honor Recipients

Medal of Honor


Since joining eGO 5 years ago, _MEGA has been a very important part of CS. He worked his way up through the ranks doing whatever he could to be noticed. In 2013 he was brought up as an EC advisor along with NMSniper to better our events and bring more of his values to the eGO community. In a short time later in 2014 _MEGA was brought up to the ranks of DL. His hard work didn’t go unnoticed. He has been instrumental in leading the CS Division in its transfer from CSS to CS:GO. He has went through a few CS Community Managers and has kept on going strong. For this we would like to give _MEGA the Medal of Honor.


Firezfury has been an integral part of our Minceraft leadership team dedicated to helping others and improving our server. For over 3 years, Firezfury has worked tirelessly to bring growth and prosperity to the division. With nearly three years of service within the Minecraft Division as both Advisor and Division Leader, he is always looking for ways to better himself and the people around him to bring the highest quality mining and crafting experience possible to our players. This is why we are honored to award him the Medal of Honor.

Distinguished Service Recipients

Distinguished Service


What can be said about Superglue? Before becoming an Advisor, Leadership was impressed with Glue’s positive attitude and his continued effort in training our newest admins. This is what made him a valuable asset to our Leadership team. Glue is always been willing to step up and help on any task we have asked of him, whether it is hosting monthly admin classes or taking over hosting our weekly Realism’s not to mention the day-to-day server filling. Superglue is a very important part of what the DOD:S division and we are glad he is with us, that’s why we are honored to award him the Distinguished Service Award.

Nuclear Cowboy

In the course of his time within eGO Nuclear Cowboy has always been willing to step up and help in any way possible, whether its doing work with the Admin Trainers, helping answer question from fellow admins and rules clarification, Nuke has always been willing to step up and help out whenever it is asked of him, while Nuke has a very busy real life career he is always willing to help out anyone needing assistance and that is why we are proud to award him the Distinguished Service Award.

Predator Lark

Since joining eGO Predator Lark has always been in the spotlight of Leadership, his admin in-game always seemed to calm situations down, even when the people causing problems in server were generally mad at him for the wrecking he caused himself. When Chuck stepped down from leadership, Predator was the clear-cut choice to fill his shoes, and he did not disappoint. He also stepped up and helped organize the scrim team this year for a come back season, even when everyone else though the competitive scene was dead. It’s Larks perseverance and friendliness is what help make the DOD:S division what it is and it’s why we have decided to award Predator with the Distinguished Service Award.


It is no surprise that, in two short years, Jade has risen to the rank of Division Leader in the Minecraft division. She’s a star in the server because of her pleasant nature and willingness to help out any time. The entire organization benefits from her dedication to recruiting, helping to continue Dedicated Supporter and her commitment to making the server the best it can be. For all of this, and more, we are honored to award the Distinguished Service ribbon.


In his short time in eGO, Mister36 has been an integral part in the shaping of the division. As an Advisor he was tasked with supporting the other advisors and aiding in the creation, planning and execution of special events. As DL, he has been responsible for making the level-headed decisions that keep the TF2 Division running smoothly. These are just a few reasons why Mister36 is a valued member of this community and for this, we award him for his continued dedication.



A part of EdgeGamers since May 2008, Austin has been a part of many aspects of our community. After leading the Counter-Strike Division, Austin was brought up to the Community Manager rank in March 2011, and later accepted the rank of Chief Operations Officer in July 2014.

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