Build Your Dream Headset With Antlion


EdgeGamers sponsor, Antlion Audio announced at TwitchCon 2015 that they have expanded their retail product offerings for 2015. You can now build your dream headset at with a wide selection of headphones from audio industry leaders – HifiMan, Audio Technica Professional Products, and Superlux. Outstanding performance to meet any budget from the industry’s “best headphones under $40” – Superlux 668B – to the unparalleled audiophile listening experience of the HifiMan HE 1000 planars, and the complete line of Audio Technica Pro headphones featuring the M50X.

The unparalleled and innovative Antlion ModMic combined with the comfort of professional headphones and their outstanding customer service will make your dream headset a reality.

You can check out Antlion’s selection on their website at


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