Battlefield Adds New BC2 Server

After EGO’s last Battlefield 4 server fell to a loss of popularity, the Battlefield Leadership team started exploring more options to keep the Battlefield going in EdgeGamers. After looking at various options, the team has decided to add another Bad Company 2 server to the community. It’s important that all interested members join and populate the server to keep our Battlefield strong. Search for EGO or Rush Mode.

=(eGO)= 24/7 Rush Valparaiso/Arica Harbor Fast Respawn.


Noah (RipplyTiger151), joined EGO in the Battlefield Division in 2014. He would later join the Personnel Service Center and become an Advisor for RC and Training then later working up the ranks to Community Manager for GTA. He currently is the Community Manager for Member Services (formerly PSC) and contributes to the homepage.