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Official EGO Battlefield 1 Review

Within a week of its full launch, Battlefield One has bested the two previous Battlefield titles combined in terms of sales at launch and has placed itself at the number two in best sales this year, bested only by Tom Clancy’s The Division. According to, at peak hours, there was a combined total of 800,000 players online across all platforms. These numbers are expected to rise as EA anticipates to sell well over 15 million copies of the game in the first year.

Yes, the game has sold well in its opening week, but does it hold up to the hype that was built up within the weeks and months leading from the Battlefield 1 reveal live stream to the full release on October 21st. After reaching out into our community we have compiled a list of the good, bad, and ugly aspects of Battlefield One.

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Stunning Graphics

Based on the Frostbite 3 engine, Battlefield 1 has been praised for its stunning and seemingly real graphics. The weather effects transition smoothly even on the lowest required system specifications. As proven by Youtube media group LinusTechTips, most mid-range graphic cards can handle Battlefield 1 at 1080p with a reasonable frame rate.

Unique Setting

While there are a few World War 1 titles around, there has been no Triple-A World War 1 titles to date, until now that is. There was hesitation and various speculation on how well a World War 1 Battlefield would work out. Ultimately DICE managed to present a beautiful game that has captivated millions.

Captivating Campaign

DICE has gone a new route for the single-player campaign and instead of a long campaign with throw-away characters, has presented us with an anthology of stories set in several locations around the European and Arabian theaters of conflict. From the trenches of the Somme, to the skies over France, to the sandy shores of Gallipoli, up to the mountains of Italy, and finally to the sandy dunes of Arabia. Each campaign tells us a story about the horrors and cost of war, and unlike previous Battlefield titles, presents missions that can be played again and again, each time taking on the mission differently.

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Poor EA Service Quality

Since the full launch, EA’s game service, Origin, has gone offline due to many causes both internal and external. Hackers have launched DDoS’s at EA with the goal of bringing down their services. EA has also reported many internal issues with keeping their servers online thus preventing players from logging in or even playing the game

Difficulty Joining Friends

DICE has implemented a system of joining your friends in-game via the party system. However, this system is difficult and buggy at best. It has taken players numerous tries to join a single game and sometimes will not work. This has been echoed by our members and even many popular Youtubers such as Jackfrags, Westie, and Matimio.

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Lack of Dedicated Servers at Launch

EA has taken it upon themselves to handle all server rentals rather than rent through 3rd party companies like many previous Battlefield titles. Whilst this may be a good thing by giving EA total control over servers, the lack of servers at launch has frustrated many communities such as our own since we aim to provide the best gaming experience possible.

Lack of Admin Tools

With Battlefield 1, EA has decided to remove the admin tools Procon and Rcon from the game. This could ultimately prevents server admins from establishing their own plugins and regulating their servers by banning hackers or those who seek to ruin other’s gaming experience.

Overall, Battlefield One has been a resounding success since launch when compared to previous EA launches. Between the resounding graphics, to the unique setting and it’s grappling campaign Battlefield has captivated hundred of thousands of players and those numbers are expected to rise. While there have been issues with EA keeping servers online and the bugged party system, these haven’t been enough of an issue to consider this a bad launch. With dedicated servers arriving soon, we will soon be able to bring about our goal of providing the best gaming experience possible.

I’ll see you on the Battlefield.

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