Battlefield 1 Fall Update Is Here

This is HUGE. We are talking 1.6GB huge. As promised, DICE has released the Battlefield 1 Fall update right on schedule. Gameplay, map, ui, weapons, and vehicles all get their share of tweaks this update. The updates notes show developers dedicated to players feedback as many changes come as popular recommendations and suggestions from the community.

Big updates to Conquest Suez adds two necessary capture points bringing the flag total to five. Operations mode also received its share of tweaking. Reduced capture time and increased ticket count will give a boost to the attacking team. Other small ease of use changes were added as well. Players will now be able to leave a game in between rounds, and customize their soldier loadout from the home menu.

If you are ready to take on the daunting task of reading through the entire list of notes, we have posted them for over on our Battlefield forums for your convenience.


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