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“This world does not needs a Hero. It needs a Professional” -Geralt

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are oblivious to “The Witcher” series, you are sinning. Sinning badly. Do you like Game of Thrones? This game is for you.

This game series comes from Wiedźmin (“The Witcher” in polish), a book series by Andrzej Sapkowski. The books tell the story of Geralt of Rivia (and friends), a mutated monster slayer who is part of a group of other hardcore swordplay masters, spell crafters, potion brewers, women magnets (more or less, but honestly more than you) and mercenaries who sacrifice everything in their life to hunt down beasts and dangerous monsters for the sake of good business.

To become a Witcher, one must pass the Trial of Grasses, a painful and, most of the time, deadly experiment in which your body is mutated with accelerated healing, ultra highly tuned senses, the ability to produce “Signs” or “Hexes” which are spells for combat use only, and other appliances that will come in handy when that Basilisk is looking for you for dinner.

The game and the books take place in Temeria, a continent in a world where humans live. Temeria suffered an event where the mystical universe mixed with theirs, permitting the manipulation of magic to some beings, and allowing monsters, elves, dwarfs and other assorted mystical beings to cross into the material world.

What is that? After facing new species and sapient beings do humans behave humanly for once? Of course not. As usual humans fear everything that is different, so racial and species tensions begin to brew.

Essentially you are a monster hunter, selling your sword to rid the world of the horrible creatures that consume it. You will face an on-going war between races (the elves have been decimated by the humans and now they kill as many humans as possible with guerrilla tactics), a full-time conquest of one kingdom against the other (the southern kingdom, full of pansy, refined people wants to conquer the north, full of people who hardly take a bath). The hatred brewed against the users of magic is causing them to flee from the inquisition that hunts them down like dogs.

Why is the game so good?

1) RPG with fast paced and smart combat system. Monsters are smart, they do not just stand there for you to swing your steel or silver sword until their HP drops to zero, they learn how you move, dodge and counter attack and even use their own below the belt tricks on you.

2) The world revolves around you. Decisions, as in many other games, shape the environment around you, but the great thing about this is that the decisions you make take you to places you never thought you’d see. Morals matter, but surviving matters the most.

What I meant to say is: plot twist is the game’s maiden name.

3) A vast and complex story line, taken from the books that GAVE THE AUTHOR the Medal of Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis on his Country. Enough said there, mate.

Genre: Fantasy
Game Genre: RPG, Open World, Third-person combat, Rich story
Game Experience: Single Player
Platform: PC, Available on Steam, Xbox-One and PS4
Year: 2015
Developer: CD Projekt RED (The Witcher and The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings)
Overview: Excellent

The Witcher’s seven books are bloody, violent, rich in romance and political plots. The games take all that and adds even more.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt focuses on one part of the story of Geralt of Rivia where he is looking for his step-daughter and apprentice Cyrila, a wanna-be Witcher who happened to be the Lady of Space and Time, a witch capable of traveling through time and space.

The Wild Hunt is about northern myths, according to Wikipedia:

The Wild Hunt is an ancient folk myth prevalent across Northern, Western and Central Europe. The fundamental premise in all instances is the same: a phantasmal, spectral group of huntsmen with the accouterments of hunting, with horses and hounds in mad pursuit across the skies or along the ground, or just above it.

The context in-game is very similar to the myth, and the Hunt is after Cyrila. Only Geralt and his witcher and mage friends stand between them and “Cyri”. Failure will mean the end of all life in the world.

The first Witcher title dynamics were point and click, but the mechanics have been altered in the second title. Battle is interactive with the amount of enemies you have in front of you. Like in many Third Person RPGs, you select the target and start jumping around it mixing bombs, potions, your sword, and your battle-tested Signs.

As any RPG, the optional missions have a lot of variety. As always, investing some time on them opens the door to experience and new equipment.

Killing monsters and extracting their limbs, liquids, hormones, etc is essential for any Witcher; its potions (it’s most notorious feature) use those elements, which would be lethal to a regular living being, but the Witchers’ bodies are capable of sustaining a high level of intoxication. This is as a result of the Trial of Grasses. Google it.

The world on The Witcher 3 is divided in five kingdoms, each of which has hundreds places to visit, many monsters to slay, and tons of quests to accomplish.

For some of these quests you go from point A to B and loot everything in the middle. That might sound dull but with The Witcher 3 at least the experience is very entertaining and bloody, giving you more than 100 hours of game-play. It took me 120 hours to finish the game and I enjoyed every single one of them.

Geralt faces not only professional quandaries, but also in the personal department. You will find that his romances with two mages are part of the books and the games.

– Game-play is easy to get a handle on during the first missions. The developers took the reviews of the mechanics for the previous Witcher games very seriously and improved pretty much everything.

– Conversations, lore and dialogues are always interesting. The way the story is being told reminds you of that good ol’ movie that you really like because the story never gets dull.

– Leveling up is really difficult; you won’t get to be an all around fighter until you are almost done with the main missions in one of the four chapters the game is divided into.

– The way you can mix your sword skills, signs, bombs, arrows, potions, and move, makes every battle a chance to prove to yourself why you think you are the best. Also the endings, like in Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor (2014) are impressive, but the ending is far better than ME: SoM. Don’t be scared, you won’t be dissapointed like you were on SoM.

– For some people, having to traverse really long distances horse riding or sailing becomes hard to swallow after a while. That’s understandable, but we must take into consideration that nowadays complex and big game maps are a mandatory part of a good game.

– Getting good equipment requires a lot of effort. And I’m not talking about the best sword in all the game, I’m talking about decent stuff. You begin with a starter’s pack which works fine for a while, until suddenly every monster and bandit around you is wearing nicer stuff. And there you go, complete 20 quests for that emerald you need to infuse your sword to gain +1 in damage. Geez, games today absorb your free time like a sponge.

MetaCritic: 92/100
Steam: Mostly positive with 94% approving scores of the 19,224 opinions held.
GameSpot: 10/10


The developers have vowed to give all downloadable content at no extra cost. DLC to this day is awesome and they promised more that 20 hours of additional game play. Thank you!


Which translates into “Buy it, play it, share with your friends, and thank me later”. If you dig the game, buy the books.

Think of it as the way to live in the flesh of an amazing character, in an amazing world, with an amazing story, with amazing other characters, with an amazing game play and the ending is…


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