2017 Member of the Year: Team Fortress 2


In the Team Fortress 2 Division, people who have made the commitment to be on a specialty team put in many, many hours of hard work behind the scenes. While every bit of their work is appreciated, every once and awhile a specialty teams member comes along that is truly committed to making the Team Fortress 2 Division the best it can possibly be. As a Recruiting Coordinator, Spitfire encompasses the definition of committed. While he is the division’s most active recruiter, Spitfire’s dedication to TF2’s newer members doesn’t stop there. He actively adds and befriends as many members as he can, even stepping up to pull the weight of those unable to when real life gets in the way. He is a true ambassador from the TF2 Division, not only PLAYING on CS:GO jail constantly, but in being an active recruiter for the CS division as well. Spitfire is an excellent member of the TF2 Division, and an equally excellent member of eGO as a whole. Congratulations!


A part of EdgeGamers since May 2008, Austin has been a part of many aspects of our community. After leading the Counter-Strike Division, Austin was brought up to the Community Manager rank in March 2011, and later accepted the rank of Chief Operations Officer in July 2014.