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Default Tribes Ascend Server Setup Info

Tribes: Ascend Custom Server Frequently Asked Questions

What are custom servers?

Custom servers are private "rooms" for you to rent and play Tribes: Ascend in. You can rent a server from Hi-Rez for various time allocations from 10 days to 90 days. Custom servers can be password protected and have custom rulesets.
How do I access the custom server browser?

The custom server browser is located in the Play Now tab under custom servers.
How do I use the Custom Server Browser?

In the ride side pane of the custom server menu there is a custom server browser. You can sort by the columns to resort all known servers based on fields like, ping, player count and map.
How do I filter the Custom Server Browser?

On the left side pane of the custom server browser menu there are several options for filtering the results of the custom server browser. You can filter by region, gametype (Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, etc.), map, server name, and exclude full/empty servers. Filters will be applied after selecting the "Refresh Servers" button at the top of the left side pane.
How do I purchase and create a server?

In the custom server browser menu, the last button "Manage Servers" will take you to the server management menu. You can create a server by selecting the "Create a Server" button. Upon server creation you can begin configuring your custom server! The server will not go live until Rental Time is purchased through the "Add Rental Time" button.
What should I do if my server settings are not being applied to my custom server?

In the event that you change a server configuration option and it does not apply, make sure that your custom server is empty of players, change to the desired configuration then reconnect.
What do I do if I am having an issue that is not addressed by this FAQ?

Contact Hi-Rez Studios general support at hirezsupport@hirezstudios(dot)com. A support representative will contact you as soon as possible.
How do I grant admin privileges?

In the server configuration under Play Now > Custom Servers > Manage Servers > Server Settings, change the Admin Password field from <none> to your desired password.
How do I login as an admin to a server I do not own?

If you have an admin password to a server, find the server in the Custom Server Browser menu, under the Play Now button from the home screen. Click on the lock icon to the left of the server you wish to log into. Enter the admin password to be granted admin rights to the server.
How do I use admin privileges on a server I do not own?

After logging into a custom server as the admin, it will become available to select from the Manage Servers button, under Play Now > Custom Servers > Manage Servers. Non-owner admin powers are selectable from the "Server Actions" button.
How do I login as an admin to a server I own?

As as server owner, you automatically have all of the admin privileges in addition to owner privileges through the Manage Servers button.
How do XP and Badge Rewards work on custom servers?

Players earn their normal Base XP on non-password protected servers
Bonus XP is only awarded on Custom Servers when at least 6 players have been on the server at some point during a match.
No XP is awarded on custom servers that require a password.
Badges, Statistics and First Win of the Day are disabled on Custom Servers (so you do not earn progress toward badges while playing on Custom Servers).

Where is my server located? Is it an actual physical machine?

The custom servers use the same pooled/virtual server infrastructure that is used for Quick Matches. So when a match is spun up on your Custom Server, it is done so from the shared pool of server resources available in the specific server region you choose when configuring your custom server. As such, there is not a physical machine dedicated to your server. It is a virtual concept representing the capacity that is allocated for you and your friends to play in a dedicated map instance with custom game rules.
What do some of the non-self explanatory game settings do?

Base Objectives - When enabled, base Turrets, Sensors and the Generator will be activated
Base Upgrades - Toggles on and off the ability to upgrade base objectives
Powered Deployables - Toggles on and off the generator powering remote deployables such as turrets.
Base Destruction Req. - Number of players that must be in the match for base destruction to take place.
Team Disparity - The maximum difference between the team size of two teams when join type is unbalanced.
Spawn Naked - When enabled you can only spawn in with Pathfinder, Soldier, or Juggernaught Armors until you hit an inventory station to "kit-out"

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eGO Is My Life!!!

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Default Additional Info

Setup Tree ... rver/sno/1

Accessing custom server options:
Main Screen "Play Now" > "Custom Server" > "Manage Servers"

Creating a custom server:
Follow the steps above to access the "Manage Server" screen then click create server.

Server Options:
-------- Local name: The server name as you see it in your menu.
-------- Display Name: The public name of your server.
-------- Display Description: The text that will appear during mouse over of your server in the server selection list.
-------- Region: The area your server will be hosted in.
-------- Admin Password: The password you give to your trusted admins
-------- Public Password: The password players are prompted for to access your games.

Server Actions:
-------- Enable Server: Turns the server on for use.
-------- Disable server: Stop server after the current map concludes.
-------- Kill Server: Shuts the server down immediately.
-------- Goto Next Map: Cycles the map
-------- Kick player: Kicks the player from your server. They can reconnect after .... time.
-------- Ban Player: This play cannot reconnect to your server.

Game Type and Maps
-------- Game Type: CTF - Capture The Flag, Rabbit, Team Deathmatch, Arena, C&H - Capture And Hold
-------- Rotation Type: Random, Single match, Double Match, Quad Match
-------- Map rotation: The order that your maps will follow.

Gameplay Settings
-------- Time Settings: Warmup Time, Gametime Limit, Overtime Limit, Respawn Time
-------- Score Settings: Score to win (Gametype dependent)
-------- Player Settings: Classes Allowed, Spawn Naked, Minimum Level, Maximum level
-------- Team Settings:
-------- Base Settings: Base Objectives, Base upgrades, Generator Regen, Generator Destroyable, Powered Deployables
-------- Vehicle Settings: Health Multiplier, Gravcycle Limit, Gravcycle Price, Beowulf Limit, Beowulf Price, Shrike Limit, Shrike Price
-------- Call-in Settings: Powered Call-ins, Tactical Strike, Supply Drop, Orbital Strike
-------- Friendly Fire Settings: Simply (FF), FF Damage Multiplier, FF on Deployables, F on Base Assets, Kill Limit (AutoKick), Damage Limit (Autokick)

Add Rental Time
-------- 10 Day Custom Rental ( 800 Gold / $9.99* )
-------- 30 Day Custom Rental ( 1600 Gold / $19.98* )
-------- 90 Day Custom Rental ( 4000 Gold / $49.95* )

( * = Based on lowest order of gold )

Note: If you plan to run a custom server for any great length of time it would be advisable to buy the largest gold package. With quantity comes discount as with most things in the world. If you purchase the $49.99 gold package your server cost actually drops down to somewhere near $36.36 a month. Three purchases a year would be enough to run the server for the year not to mention adding 6 solid months of boosters to your account which would help you buy content faster.

[Gold Store online prices]
800 - $9.99
1600 - $19.99
3000 - $29.99 (Inc. 30 Day Booster (2x XP Earn)
5500 - $49.99 (Inc. 60 Day Booster (2x XP Earn)

In-Game Server Commands

'/sc login [server ID] [password]'
'/sc select [server ID]'
'/sc server {status | start | end} [map id]'
'/sc map {next | start | end} [map id]'
'/sc player {list | specs | kick | ban} [player name]'
'/sc config {get [prop id]} | {set [prop id] [value]} | {reload {full}} | [server name]}'

/sc server status (to get server id)

/sc login <server id> <server pw>

/sc help (for commands)

Map IDs
Coming Soon

Prop IDs
Coming Soon

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Nice, cant wait!

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