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How do you spend Thanksgiving Holidays? (Choose all that apply)
I shall do my Conehead impression and suck the food right into my belly! - 23.75%
38 Votes
Spend it with family/friends - 52.50%
84 Votes
Watch Football - 23.75%
38 Votes
Play a lot of video games (duh!) - 48.75%
78 Votes
Shop those holiday sales - 14.38%
23 Votes
Just another day for me - 16.88%
27 Votes
I gotta work - 10.00%
16 Votes
I'm Canadian, already had my Thanksgiving - 10.00%
16 Votes
Silly Americans with their Silly Holidays - 16.25%
26 Votes
Did I mention I'm going to eat a lot? - 41.88%
67 Votes
Other (please explain) - 3.13%
5 Votes
Total Votes: 160
You may not vote on this poll.
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Division Leader Commendation
Nov 17, 2014 - 1:04 PM - by TheJollyRoger

Article: IceStyle | Image: eGO | Edited: Ratfire

The Personnel Service Center leadership would like to recognize CCCPofAmerica for his supreme dedication to the PSC as an Advisor. He shows excellence, strives to ensure the PSC is functioning properly, and leads in the continuous improvement of the New Member Experience (NME) program.

We thank you for everything you have done and eGO and the PSC look forward to working with you further. Congratulations CCCPofAmerica on your Division Leader Commendation, you definitely deserve it.
15 Replies | 245 Views
Recent Promotions
Nov 13, 2014 - 6:33 PM - by TheJollyRoger

Article: eGO Leadership / Image: Sharknado / Edited: Jon

Superglue joined eGO in September, 2010 and has helped the Day of Defeat Division. His time as an Admin Trainer, Event Coordinator, Newsletter Team member, Realism Campaigns helper have not gone unnoticed. His approachable nature and general knowledge of the workings of eGO improves the DoD Division, which is why he is now advisor.

Old Monkei has been an integral part of Op:X since its merger with the defunct Strat division years ago. He stepped down about a year ago due to real life and has recently agree to step back into the Division Leader role as personnel manager to continue to push the Op:X Division and eGO further towards greatness.

Throughout his time in the CS Division, ZER0C00L has been a key member in the success of the CS Division in multiple aspects. ZER0C00L is a natural leader taking positions as an Event Coordinator, always helping out with recruitment drives, or taking the initiative as a captain of the Server Filling Team and always exceeding expectations. He is always bringing new and innovative ideas to the events program, recruiting program, and the division as a whole. It only made sense that ZER0C00L would be the right choice to help lead the recruiting and server filling program, along with the division, into the future.

After being promoted October 7, 2013 as one half of the Counter-Strike Event Coordinators Leader, _MEGA quickly began to work on improving CS Events with his partner, NMSniper. Between the both of them, they've accomplished great feats that the CS Event Coordinator team has not seen in a long time. They have hossted more events, reformed the CS EC program, helped plan division-to-division events, and that's not even half of it. They truly are one of the best duos eGO has seen in a long time.

It was clear that _MEGA was the lead of this and it was clear he was ready to take that next step in eGO and the CS division. After giving _MEGA a private tour of eGO's Headquarters in Las Vegas and showing him his new office, the eGO secret helicopter, and the private tunnel to Artimus home, he gladly accepted the additional responsibilities of leading the CS division with Wize. Together, without a doubt, they will drive the CS Division to new heights and places the CS Division has never been before.

Everyone please congratulate these fine members on their promotions!
20 Replies | 349 Views
The Media Team Expands
Nov 12, 2014 - 4:01 PM - by TheJollyRoger

Article: Caelestis/ Image: Ratfire / Edited: TheJollyRoger

The eGO Media Team is looking for a few good gamers.

Our podcast, Random, Nerdy, and Geeky, is looking for two new back-up hosts to fill in when the regular hosts are unavailable. If you are interested, send a private message to Caelestis. No experience necessary.

Additionally, the podcast sports a blog about happenings on the Internet, video games, movies, television, and much more. The Podcast Team would like to bring on guest bloggers to supplement the writing hosts already do. Send a pm to Insomnia Princess to express an interest in writing for the podcast blog.

The News Team is also seeking additional help in the Editing Department. If you know how to negotiate your way around the use of an Oxford comma or can spot number disagreements in a sentence, contact TheJollyRoger.

Lastly, do you have a talent in video making? If so, then you may be interested in joining the Media Team for video production. We want to bring on people with talent and experience in video production. Should you be interested, reach out to Caelestis with samples of your works.
0 Replies | 150 Views

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