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Second Coming Progress Report
May 02, 2015 - 9:09 PM - by TheJollyRoger
Name:  sc.png
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Size:  83.1 KB
Article: Sonicjohnb / Edited: Jolly / Image: Mobilize

Our Media Team's Sonicjohnbh sat down with Former Leadership members DirtyDeets and Fluffy The Destroyer to talk about their game Second Coming: The Annakazi Invasion and its sister game Second Coming: Tactical Training. In the interview, they cover the developmental history of the game, its tabletop RPG origins, as well as some exciting news. Also discussed are the devious methods game developers use to get back at their wives, a magical rocket launcher adventure, and the eerie lack of platypus in the game itself.

Second Coming: Tactical Training is out now so be sure to check it out here and start blasting your friends.

Click here to listen to the interview.
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Meet Mister Adam, Our Newest Community Manager
Apr 30, 2015 - 10:41 AM - by TheJollyRoger
Name:  adammgr.png
Views: 1922
Size:  145.0 KB
Article: SigmaTaurus / Edited: Jolly / Image: Mobilize

Personal achievements on Edge Gamers is not something to be taken lightly. The efforts accomplished every day by our Leadership are what keeps eGO on the right path.

SigmaTaurus and the News Team had the opportunity to chat with our friend Mister Adam, who was recently appointed as the new Team Fortress 2 representative in the Community Manager Team. This is what he told us:

1. What are your plans and expectations for what’s left of the year regarding TF2 Division and its members?

My plans and expectations are pretty simple. I want to grow the Division, both in the number of servers and in the quantity of members. We will be looking into different avenues to showcase our servers and bring in new members.

2. Any projects under development for the Division?

We currently have a few projects in the works and in talks. We are working on putting together a weekly Highlander style comp event. More details on that will come soon! I will be focusing my attention on the 2016 Arena Respawn Showdown later in the year (which we must remember attracted the attention of Valve).

3. What do you expect of your Leadership members from now on?

I expect the same level of activity and friendliness of them now as I did when I was Division Leader. We as leadership are here to help, not here to sit around holding a tag and keeping to ourselves. My team needs to be available, they need to be friendly, and they need to be approachable.

Please give wholehearted congratulations to Mister Adam and the TF2 Division Leadership.
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TF2 Spring Promotions and Awards
Apr 26, 2015 - 1:55 PM - by TheJollyRoger
Name:  TF2SpringPromo1.png
Views: 3091
Size:  113.1 KB
Article: Mister36 / Edited: Jolly / Image: StealthGus, surfrdawg

It's now the Tf2 Division's turn to recognize their members and their outstanding contribution to the Division with some promotions and awards! Please join us in congratulating the members below.

Division Leader Commendation

Advisor Commendation

Veteran Level 3

Veteran Level 2

Veteran Level 1

Admin Trainer

Admin School


Dr. Awesome
16 Replies | 261 Views

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