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Battlefield 1 Opinions: Your Thoughts
Sep 04, 2016 - 11:48 PM - by Legend
Battlefield 1 Opinions: Your Thoughts
September 5, 2016

Labor Day Weekend serves as an amazing opportunity for gamers to sit down in the air conditioning and escape the end of summer heat. Hopefully you took the chance to get your hands on the Battlefield 1 Beta. If you aren't a part of the cool crowd yet, there are plenty of members who have offered up their thoughts on the game in our Battlefield 1 Opinions thread.

Battlefield 1 Beta takes us to Sinai Desert where soldiers can play both Conquest and Rush versions of the map. Sinai Desert packs a ton of new aspects to the game that Battlefield players haven't experienced yet. New transportation is available as you can take to horseback to cross the rugged desert terrain. When your team is looking for an edge to put you in front of the opposing team, hop on the armored train*equipped with a devastating arsenal of its own. Varying weather conditions also have the chance to roll in putting everyone in the middle of a raging sandstorm.

With many new aspects to the game, here is what the members say about their experience so far.

I am far from knocking this game as a whole in any way, shape, or form. We've only seen the game for one day and we've only seen one map, very limited weapons, and one style of vehicle set up. This beta will not sway me from the game, because I know there is still a lot more to come. So far, for the most part, I am liking what I'm seeing. If anything, this beta will excite me further into seeing all the rest of the maps, weapons, vehicles, etc.
Misterboy, eGO

I enjoy it, but I'm not amazed by it. Graphics are nice, but I'm waiting for the full game to be dazzled by its wonders.
Aniston, eGO

Finally got to play. Graphics are insane.... kinda has that star wars battlefront feel to it which I didn't like. Planes fly like the aircraft in battlefront which I'm also not a fan of. Infantry is fast and smooth. Looks like I'll be on the ground for this BF.
Aetos17, eGO

BF1 is just not my cup of tea right at this moment. The graphics are stunning - and the game is fun and epic, and I find myself coming back for a little more.. but the overall experience is not enough to convince me to pay $60 - let alone $130 for it. If I see and hear more, maybe I will reconsider. But considering the beta was released 2 months from release, exactly as Battlefront - and relatively little was changed.
BrotherJayce, eG

It is addictive gameplay but so help me that conquest scoring has got to go, and did I even get points for following my squad around and feeding them ammo while they fed me health bags? I swear I put half a mag into a few people and watched them turn around with a pistol and one shot me. It has it's good and bad.
Beemermarine, Advisor

What are your thoughts? Continue the conversation over on our forums in the Battlefield 1 Opinions thread.

6 Replies | 242 Views
EdgeGamers Acquires Eh Gaming CS:GO Team
Sep 04, 2016 - 9:35 AM - by Legend
EdgeGamers Acquires Eh Gaming CS:GO Team
September 4, 2016

After a year off of the competitive scene, EGO steps back in after acquiring Eh Gaming to compete in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Positioned to compete in ESEA-IM Season 23 under the leadership of Christopher “Rebo” H. EGO’s newest team will start in competition within the next week. We look forward to having the full roster wearing the EGO name online and at LAN tourneys this year.

Christopher “Rebo” H. (Leader)
Christian “Bubby” L. (Co-Leader)
James “Droox” B.
Dillan “Dillan” V.
Saad “Jackyyy” C.
Joshua “m1cks” M. (Coach)

We look forward to covering the team’s progression throughout the competitive season. As always match coverage can be found here on our blog, alternatively you can follow our Twitter account @EGOprotv.

6 Replies | 217 Views
Recapping Our New Policy On Language
Sep 03, 2016 - 12:53 PM - by Legend
Recapping Our New Policy On Language
September 3, 2016

It’s been an interesting two weeks in EGO. The Community Management team made one of the largest changes in our community’s 10 year history. Gaming and society continues to evolve at a rapid pace. It was time for a modification to our Code of Conduct. The social norm of today is very different from that of 10 years ago. Many different things are accepted in our society than they were then. After long discussion we made the change to our first two rules in the code of conduct.

Effective immediately, we will adjust our focus of PUNK FREE GAMING towards targeting disrespect. Understanding that every individual communicates differently from another, we need to focus less on the little things people say and attack the larger more hurtful things. Our Code of Conduct will now read:
  1. No disrespect tolerated. This includes excessive swearing and the use of any racist, sexist or homophobic term.
  2. All names, sprays and avatar icons must be PG-13 rated.
Effective August 20, 2016 we began allowing swearing via any form of communication in EGO. The services included were server voice, server text, and forum text. Players can communicate how they want as long as they are not being disrespectful or completely excessive. Punks who target players or feel the need to use every flavor of swearing in their communication still are not welcome on our servers.

If you swear, it doesn’t make you a punk. A little swear here and there definitely does not make someone a bad person and we should continue to just let it go. A person becomes a punk once they start using every swear that comes to mind to express themselves. Those kinds of people we do not need here.
As we expected, this spurred a lot of discussion. Members voiced their opinions and casted their votes in regards to their feelings on this change. We want to thank everyone for their contributions towards the movement of this policy. Members with opinions on both sides of the policy were making their voice heard. Over the last two weeks it has been very evident how passionate our members are about this gaming community.

Final Thoughts

With the transition to a new policy not much has changed in our community. Our culture we have built over the past 10 years continues to provide a punk free environment for gamers to play. Our professional admins and leadership will continue to uphold the high standards we expect of our community. EGO will continue to be a place that any gamer can join and have a blast connecting with others at.

16 Replies | 631 Views

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