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TF2 Summer Recruiting Contest
Jul 14, 2014 - 3:13 PM - by Legend

Article: Insomnia Princess | Edited: Leftenent| Image: Versed

The Team Fortress 2 Division is hosting the first month-long Recruiting Contest from July 1 - July 31. There are two great ways to win in this event, and both involve recruiting someone to TF2. You do not have to be in the TF2 Division to qualify, as members of other divisions who recruit for TF2 will still be eligible.

Here's how it works:

Everyone who recruits at least one member in the month of July will go into a drawing for prizes. This will also be a secondary contest that involves earning points through recruiting and follow ups.

Gain a recruit = 5 points
Your recruit joins TeamSpeak = 2 points
Your recruit attends an event = 3 points
Completed follow-ups on a recruit = 5 points

Max total of 15 points per recruit.

There will be random prizes for anyone who enters (by recruiting at least one person) and there will also be prizes for the top three recruiters in points. See the July Recruiting Contest Thread for updates and details on prizes.

If you have any questions, please message Insomnia Princess or A Nudist Colony. Happy recruiting!

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Day of Defeat Award Recipients
Jul 11, 2014 - 1:03 PM - by Legend

Article: Megs A Tagger | Edited: Leftenent| Image: Druid

The Day of Defeat Division would like to honor the following members for their continued dedication and hard work to improve the division and serve its members.

Distinguished Service Award

In recognition of your countless contributions to the DoD:S Division as an Advisor and your work in continuing to ensure that the members within the community are upholding eGO's high standards and values, it is our honor to present you with one of eGO's highest honors, the Distinguished Service Award. Thank you Tip!

Division Leader Commendation

There are many dedicated members in the DoD:S Division, but one in particular stands out from the crowd. Superglue is an excellent Admin Trainer and a leader. Glue also recently took on the position of Brigadier General as a member of the command staff for the 11th Realism Campaign and continues to strengthen DoD events.

Because of this and much more, the DoD:S Division Leaders would like to present Superglue with the Division Leader Commendation.

DoD:S Medal of Valor

From leading the Rangers, to hosting tournaments, to coordinating events, Annihilator has been a major influence in what the DoD:S Division is today. We would like to thank Annihilator for his efforts by presenting him with the DoD:S Division's highest honor.

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Medal of Honor Awarded
Jul 10, 2014 - 2:08 PM - by Legend

Article: ComMgr Team | Edited: Ratfire| Image: Ill Legend

Ric has been an everlasting presence in the Counter Strike Division since accepting a leadership position in 2012 as a CS Advisor. He enveloped himself in every aspect of the division, leading by example and brilliantly surrounding himself with those he trusts as he guided the CS admin training corps to success. Recently, he accepted the Division Leader position and with it, all the responsibilities of the promotion.

Ric is the driving force behind the division. He now finds himself leading his fellow advisors and helping them achieve the same success he had. Without Ric, there would be an irreplaceable void within CS Leadership. His love for eGO, his dedication to the CS Division, and his willingness to serve the members is unparalleled and unmatched.

Chuck Norris
The Day of Defeat: Source Division would like to recognize the outstanding work of its Division Leader, Chuck Norris. Since being promoted to Advisor in 2012, and then to Division Leader in early 2014, Chuck has taken on numerous roles, including demo reviewing, being the Leader of the DoD:S Competitive Team and overseeing the division's most notable event, the Realism Campaign.

A part of the original leadership team when the Minecraft Division was created, idk_lobsters has been around since the very beginning working tirelessly to bring growth and prosperity to the division. With nearly two years of service within the Minecraft Division as both Advisor and Division Leader, he is always looking for ways to better himself and the people around him to bring the highest quality mining and crafting experience possible to our players.

All three of our award recipients are truly invaluable members of this community and the Community Managers would like to thank them all for their hard work.

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