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Space Engineers
Dec 14, 2014 - 7:50 PM - by TheJollyRoger

Article: Sonicjohnbh / Edited: Blaze and TheJollyRoger / Image: Sharknado

The Christmas Season is here, so everyone is probably shopping for presents for friends and loved ones. One of the difficult parts of buying gifts is choosing a gift that fits the receivers personality and is of good quality. Have no fear. The News Team has reviewed several games. Our own Sonicjohnbh has recently been playing the Space-Survival game, Space Engineers. He has positive things to say about the game, so if you like simulators or survival games, read his review here.
0 Replies | 60 Views
Planetside 2 Weekly Night Ops
Dec 13, 2014 - 8:05 PM - by TheJollyRoger

Article: Insomnia Princess / Edited: Ratfire / Image: Versed

PlanetSide 2 has made a small change to their Wednesday event. As of November, Wednesday Night Ops is now held at 8:00 PM Eastern instead of 9:00 PM. This is to allow more compatible times with school and work schedules. Friday Night Ops will remain at 9:00 PM Eastern.

If you have not played PlanetSide 2 in a while, you're invited to come back and check it out with the regular PS2 Ops crew. If you're worried about lag or other issues from the last time you played the game, the developers have ironed out some of the issues from merging into the new Emerald Server.

Never played PlanetSide 2 before? Come over and visit the Operation: X forum for PlanetSide to learn more about this fun game.
3 Replies | 66 Views
Maul 2
Dec 13, 2014 - 2:48 AM - by Caelestis

Article: Oey192/Edited: Jon/Image: eGO

As you may have noticed, EdgeGamers is a rather popular gaming community, which means that our servers get a lot of visitors. While a lot of these visitors are upstanding members of society who just want to have a good time and smash your face in with a frying pan, some of them are actually out to be mean, disrespectful, or otherwise disruptive. To solve this problem, someone invented admin tools (like kick, mute, and ban) to provide server admins with a way of keeping their servers in line. In the early days of eGO, these tools were all we had to uphold our Code of Conduct and make the gaming world a better place, but as we grew, it soon became apparent that banning people from a single server would not be enough.

To that end, Agent86 created MAUL (Modern Admin UnLimited), which not only makes sure that pesky buggers are banned across all our servers instead of just the server they were banned on, but it also automatically assigns admin across all our games.

What's that? You want to point out a technicality? OK. Fine. When we say "all our games," what we really mean is all our Source-based games (CS:S, CS:GO, DOD:S and TF2), but even then, we have to leave out Garry's Mod. EdgeGamers has grown past the scope of MAUL, but that doesn't mean we've just sat around twiddling our thumbs.

To solve this growing problem, the Tech Team presents MAUL 2! MAUL 2 has been completely rewritten from the ground up to be more extensible, more flexible, and hopefully, easier to use. We haven't quite had time to add support for all of eGO's games yet, but don't fret. More are on the way!

Launching today, MAUL 2 supports all currently supported Source games, and, for the first time ever, Minecraft! We have imported all the data we could from the old system, but there is at least a small chance we missed something, so we ask that everyone use the MAUL Home button under eGO Tools at the top of the page to go make sure that your information is correct. Even if you don't play a Source game or Minecraft, you should still go check that your rank is correct, as if it is wrong, it will be slower to get things up and running when we add support for other games.

All admins should check their respective eG or eGO private forums to look for more information on how this affects you, and everyone interested in recruiting should go here to see how this affects recruiting.

This also means that anyone finding a dead link related to the old MAUL system should make a post in the dropbox informing the Tech Team of the problem.

If you have any questions, first see if the MAUL 2 Help page is able to answer your question. Any further questions should be directed to the Tech Team

(To get to MAUL 2 Help, eGO Tools > MAUL Home > Hover over Home tab > click Help)
14 Replies | 289 Views

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