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CS:S Jail Commermoration
Sep 16, 2014 - 7:05 PM - by TheJollyRoger

Article: Meowcenaries / Image: Versed / Edited: TheJollyRoger

Over the years, eGO has said goodbye to many of its beloved servers. On September 7, CS:S Jail joined this group of servers.

Jail was known by its fans as a place to take things a little less seriously. Though tactics, strategy, and a serious attitude took the main floor on normal CS:S servers, Jail was all about fun and games. Counter-Terrorists would take turns as a Jail warden, thinking up games and competitions for the Terrorist prisoners to take part in. The prize was the ever coveted "last request" when one lucky prisoner would have a chance to turn the tables and have some fun with his captors. During Jail's prime peak of activity, a full server of prisoners would concoct riots or mass suicides to create confusion and throw off the guards. It was the place to be. Unfortunately, that has changed. Over the years, the Jail sever had been on a slow decline. With the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, many Source players have left for the competitive scene. Of course, there were the die-hard source fans, but they were not enough to keep the server from being empty during much of the day.

Eventually, forum achievements and awards were made for incentives to join certain servers to populate them and jail was one of those servers. There was a Jail admin class made specifically for people to learn how to admin the jail server. The CS Division even made a team just for filing server like Jail. Despite the perks and effort, CS Leadership and the Community Management team felt that eGO could use the resources for other game modes or servers.

All in all, some servers go and others arrive, and a beloved one was the most recent to go. To prevent the same fate from happening to your favorite server, read this server-filling guide by Insomnia Princess.

Now cracks a noble heart. Goodnight, sweet prince.
1 Reply | 2 Views
YouTube Channel Nearing 1,000 Subscribers
Sep 11, 2014 - 4:22 AM - by TheJollyRoger

Article: Insomnia Princess / Edited: Jon / Image: A Nurse from Texas

If you’re reading this, then you already know that eGO Media Team handles the front page news. You might also know that we have a newsletter and a podcast. What you might not know is that we’re also on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Our YouTube channel is nearing 1,000 subscribers and we wanted to take this time to tell you something about it.

While the Media Team works on some new videos to share with you, let's take a stroll down our video memory lane. For example, have you ever wondered what the leadership “mustoreo” talk is all about? There are several videos about Mustoreo History as well as certain leadership members experiencing their mustoreos on camera.

Aside from Leadership initiation traditions, you can find an old Meet the Leadership series that gives you some info about current and previous leadership members, an eGO Cribs series from Minecraft, Star Wars: The Old Rebublic videos, tournaments and contests, Planetside 2 clips and gameplay, and more from the various games that eGO plays or has played.

Among the more serious videos are some classic examples of comic relief, such as Q-Tip’s Jalapeno and Ice Cream Sundae and Beta singing “Call Me Maybe”. You can also find useful videos like How to Find Your Steam ID and the eGO Registration Video.

Stay tuned for more game-play footage, comic relief, and tutorials coming soon. Subscribe today and be sure that you won’t miss anything.
9 Replies | 234 Views
Help Wanted
Sep 09, 2014 - 2:53 PM - by TheJollyRoger

Article: Quaffer / Edited: TheJollyRoger / Image: A Nurse from Texas

Now that September has come, we have found that some of our staff are spending more of their time on academics. That is as it should be. Real life comes first.

Never let it be forgotten that in adversity there is opportunity. The opportunity may be yours. The Newsletter Team is looking for reporters, editors, and graphic artists to fill their ranks. If you can make the commitment to meet a deadline each month, and you have the talents we need, this is your chance. Send a pm to wewo if you are interested.

Note that the media team members have access to confidential material. Because of this, we have a strong preference for members who have achieved eGO or rarely eG rank in the community.
1 Reply | 115 Views

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