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Boom! Battlefield 4's Spring Update Is Here
May 26, 2015 - 10:05 AM - by Legend

DICE isn't done with Battlefield 4 and vows to keep the game fresh with content. This morning Battlefield 4's Spring Update rolled out to all platforms bringing five new weapons, Gun Master game mode, and a handful of stability updates.

Weapons included are some fan favorites, and others that add unique gameplay aspects.

AN-94, automatic or burst assault rifle
GROZA-1, bullpup carbine with built in vertical grip
GROZA-4, personal defense weapon with a built in silencer
Mare’s Leg, long-range sidearm, using magnum rounds
L86A2, Magazine fed light machine gun, your new "run and gun" weapon

DICE, in an effort to rebalance and create distinct roles for each class and weapon used, modified the entire arsenal used in the game. An increase in recoil and the reemergence of the 2-bullet headshot strives to reward the skills of the players.

6 Replies | 68 Views
Memorial Day
May 24, 2015 - 8:11 AM - by TheJollyRoger
Name:  mgOM4qN.png
Views: 1713
Size:  89.7 KB
Article: Jolly / Image: Rogue Nine

Today, we honor those who have sacrificed their lives defending our freedoms, fighting evil, and protecting good as well as those who have survived wars but are no longer with us.

We also would like to thank the eGO members who have served in the military.

Whether you are with your family and eating barbeque, or at home getting decent frags and scores, EdgeGamers Leadership wishes you and your family a safe and happy Memorial Day!
17 Replies | 164 Views
World of Warcraft Announcement
May 22, 2015 - 1:09 PM - by TheJollyRoger
Name:  Q73SqmJ.png
Views: 2366
Size:  255.3 KB
Article: Johnny / Edited: TheJollyRoger / Image: Johnny

Blood, sweat, and Alliance tears are not the only thing the EdgeGamer's World of Warcraft guild leaves in its wake. On Friday, June 5 it has been decided that the Horde guild on Korgath will be leaving for Stormreaver. We invite any and all World of Warcraft players to come join us in this new adventure as we continue progressing in raids, RBGs, and arenas. If you have any questions or concerns please post them in this thread and a leadership member from Op:X will answer ASAP.

Why is the guild switching servers?

Our current server has become extremely Alliance-dominated. When we initially joined this server it was fairly even between Horde and Alliance, but throughout the years the Alliance side has seen a growth spurt whereas the Horde side has been dwindling. This leaves us with a very small pool of people looking for groups. Joining a server that's much larger than ours will open up more recruiting avenues so we can provide a better experience overall.

Why Stormreaver?

Stormreaver is one of the top 5 servers. It is four-times larger than Korgath as far as Horde population goes, giving us a much larger pool of potential players looking for groups or guilds. It is centrally located in Chicago to give everyone as low a ping as possible. We believe this server will stand up to the fluctuations of time.
10 Replies | 137 Views

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